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Article on song

Article on songI would like to commend Nouman Khalil in his attempt to bring to the fore artists like M. Salahuddin (Brampton singer reprises Mehdi Hassan's classics, Jan 15).Khalil did a wonderful job in giving proper exposure to Salahuddin's talent while giving details about his efforts to meet the greatest exponent of the art of ghazal singing in the Indo-Pak subcontinent, the legendary Mehdi Hassan. It speaks volumes about the artist's humility and modesty that he wished to get permission from the great legend before releasing his first album Reborn.I'd encourage you to widen the scope of this kind of talent hunt to other disciplines, such as sport. For example, if good local cricketers get the required exposure through an interview in your publication, who knows, they may stand a good chance of representing Canada in the next World Cup.

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